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Draw a house and watch Sketchy shrink to fit in the door; draw flames and watch the rocket ship blast off; draw a triangle for the wheel of the farmer’s tractor just for a laugh.
In the award winning game ItzaBitza™ , drawings truly come to life. Kids help their Sketchy by using Living Ink™ – a unique drawing recognition system – to draw one-of-a kind interactive objects that form the centerpiece of the game’s action. There’s little chance for the player to lose interest in ItzaBitza. The game provides a totally unique experience every time it is played. Since the environment is created through each player’s personal drawings, the possibilities are as endless and fantastic as the player’s imagination. The game comes with five themed playsets – “Home Sweet Home,” “Let’s go Camping,” “Play in Space,” “A Farm Life,” and perfect for Halloween – “A VERY Scary Haunted House.” Players unlock playsets by winning at least five star challenges.

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January 6th 2011

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