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High Roller

Casino action has never been more realistic than in Reel Deal Casino High Roller.

With Reel Deal Casino High Roller, the world’s largest variety of games has never been more exciting and realistic. America’s favorite casino game changes things up again this year with an all-new Prize Vault system. Experience the exhilarating and high-paced action of the new ‘Grand Master’ tournament path, sending you on a wild, guided tournament path that will take you from rags to High Roller riches! This year also introduces the hottest new casino game, ‘Craps – Roulette’ – combining the action of two popular casino games into one. All new, never before seen slots round out “High Roller” to make it our best, most action packed casino game ever!

For those of you that want the game to offer more – oh boy – you got it! The slot game, and casino game this year, integrate together to form a more physical casino. One that looks, and feels like a casino.

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May 20th 2011

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