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Virtual Programming

User Interface Designer

Syncode, a division of Virtual Programming, is looking for a technical graphics designer with the ability to produce beautiful user interfaces for mobile and desktop apps. You will be supporting the development team and designing a style or look-and-feel for an application, based on the product specification.

The ideal candidate will be familiar with the software development process and have an incredible eye for pixel-perfect detail. You must also be able to create experiences using vector graphics rather than traditional bitmap-based authoring.

You will be expected to join the team in our Bournemouth office in the United Kingdom.

What You Need To Have

  • Excellent command of industry standard graphics applications, such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop;
  • Great understanding about what makes a beautiful and functional user interface;
  • Good English, both written and spoken.

Things We Would Like

  • Experience with building user interfaces in development tools, such as Blend or Xcode;
  • Understanding of how user interfaces work across all major mobile and desktop platforms;
  • Interest in social media.